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Move Management

Don't bring old clutter into your new space.  Bring only things that will enhance your new life.

Small Business Organizing

Create systems and a space that help you best utilize your time and resources.

Residential Organizing

Learn sustainable solutions to maintain a comfortable and orderly environment.

What Others Say When Heike's Here

Heike has been helping me get reorganized in my new home – organizing files, decluttering accumulated papers and preparing for income taxes. She is an amazing stress reducer; she actually makes the process pleasant. I highly recommend Heike for ANY organizational need, personal or professional.  

- Abby Murphy, Director of Development at LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation

Heike has the organizing gene.  Not just the alphabetize, put items in chronological order gene – she has the gene that allows her to zoom in like Google earth.  Heike zooms in closer by listening to what is needed and asking specific targeted questions. She grasps the issues and creatively works a solution around your unique needs. Her systems are intuitive and sustainable.  

-Kathy Hewitt, Real Estate Agent at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

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